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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OAHPERD Convention

Attended several informative sessions at the convention.
1. Assessing standards 5 and 6 at the secondary level.
During this session we piloted the new rubric draft. Participants observed and participated in an ultimate Frisbee lesson as well as a dance lesson. During the observation we scored the 'players' using the new rubrics drafted by the assessment committee. At the end of the demonstration we discussed ease of use, difficulties and had questions answered by the developers.
2.Knock It Outta Da Park
SPARK PE lessons to keep kids moving. Broke down throwing and catch in small groups. Participated in fielding, striking, plays at first and third as well as cardio baseball. Very intense lessons that got the heart beating. Can be adapted to any grade or skill level.
3. Get SMART: Digital Resources in Physical Education.
Explored SMART Board lessons for PE. Demonstration of how lessons can be used to enhance the cognitive aspect of physical education. Also demonstrated target practice AT the SMART board. Yes we through balls at the SMART boards to unlock PE trivia.
4. Create Your Own Dream Routine
Explored simple sports routines that enhanced physical fitness levels during small sided games. Simple changes of the rules keeps students on their toes and actively involved during the lesson. Most routines were for the secondary level sports.
5. Jump Into Having "Phun" with Your Students
Explored how a "PHYT" club can be started and how one school uses their PHYT club to keep students active in the community. Students earn points toward Phyt club field trips through participation in pre-planned events, eating nutritious meals and mentoring younger students.
6. GAME On: Active Games for Elementary Children with assessment criteria.
Stacey, I, and a small group of professional colleagues presented lessons during this 2 hour session and answered questions related to assessment procedures and lesson implementation. The feedback we received at the end of the session was great. Participants stated it was one of the best they had been to and was extremely informative. We were supported by KSU professor Dr. Collier who reinforced the need for assessments and the changes occurring at the state level.
7.Hip Hop Hype
Great dance routines that are simple and extremely aerobic. So many attended that I was unable to get a handout. Dr. Mitchell will be forwarding the info to me. There is also a music CD that I'm looking into.
8. John Hichwa- Elite Trainer (SPARK)
At the end of one of his sessions I asked if he would review a dance he taught several years ago. Not only did he re-teach the dance he sent his entire packet to me. I will forward it to all of you. Extremely easy and fitness oriented.
9. OAHPERD Division Lunch (TH) and Coffee with OAHPERD Update (Friday)
OAHPERD leaders discussed the political scene and the changes that have occurred at the state level. The discussion centered on the bigger picture. Although there is still the opt out and flex credit options for students the team leaders discussed how far we have come as a group.

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