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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OAHPERD Convention - December 2-3, 2010

Along with Gretchen and Jen, I also attended several workshops at the OAHPERD Convention...
1. Dancing with the Stars:
All I can say is WOW! This session was led by LeAnn Haggard the 2006 National Dance Teacher of the Year. I realized how un-coordinated I am when it comes to dancing. We learned several line dances and her music was amazing! This session was geared more for Middle & High School students!
2. Updates in Physical Education:
This session was led by Lisa Henry from the Ohio Dept. of Ed. She went over the DRAFT of the Ohio Physical Education Assessments. I feel that the assessments are closely related to what we all do now! I will make a copy for everyone for our meeting on Tuesday!
3. Get JUMPING! Jump Rope, JRHF & HFH Activities:
This session was led by teachers from the Olentangy Local School District. They taught the BASICS of jump rope, a jump/jog warm up activity and fun activities to play that teach jump rope (4-Square, Tic-Tac-Toe and Jump Rope BINGO).
4. OAHPERD Division Luncheon:
This session was ran by OAHPERD Leaders and focused on the political scene and the flex credits. This was an open session for teachers to come and go!
5. Free-Throw Shooting Contest:
Sponsored by the AHA... I helped a fellow PE Teacher run this 2 hour session. Participants had 10 chances to make as many free-throw shots as they could. The winner would re recognized at the AHA Social later that evening! A new, young, female teacher made 9 out of 10 shots!
6. $2,500 AAHPERD JRHF/HFH Grant!:
This session was ran by Sasha Taylor and Marla Thomas. Both have received this grant in the past 3 years and gave great insight on how to write the grant with meaning and WIN!!! I think I will apply for next year!!! :)
7. OAHPERD Awards Reception:
This was led by Stacey Slackford, Chair for the State of Ohio Awards Committee. The reception was to honor the PE, Health and Young Professionals of the Year in the State of Ohio!
8. Using the Zone Playground Model to Increase Indoor & Outdoor Physical Activity:
The session was led by retired PE teacher Lois Carnes from Solon City Schools. This model addresses the need for children to increase physical activity levels both outdoors and indoors within the school setting. We have been using this model at Miller in a very scaled down version!
9. Game On: Active Games for Elementary Children:
As Gretchen said in her posting.... She and I presented with a core group of teachers during a 2 hour session. We focused on the specific Standards and Assessments that we use for each activity. This session was very hands-on and the participants went away with several new games/activities to use in their classroom.

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