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  • SPARK by John J. Ratey, MD

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Although this video discusses issues and problems associated with physical education in Europe, they are the same issues we face at the local, state and national level here in the US.

This video will define the term Bildung and the difference between Physical Education for bildung and Physical education for health promotion.

The first 2-3 minutes is dedicated to give information to the conference participants and to introduce the speaker. Please be patient and continue to watch.

There will also be further introductions one being Mary O'Sullivan who works at the University of Limerick, Ireland and who was educated in the US and worked with Daryl Siedentop at The Ohio State University.

I feel this video not only answers Global questions related to physical education, but also poses questions to the Physical Education teacher both on personal and professional level.

This is a rather lengthy discussion. After viewing it you may want to apply for Grad credit -hee hee! :-)

Physical education's role in physical activity and health promotion. McKenzie, T. L (US) from Norges idrettshøgskole on Vimeo.

The educational benefits claimed for physical education. O'Sullivan, M (Ireland) from Norges idrettshøgskole on Vimeo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Apple a Day is Not Enough - A Poem by Taylor Mali

1 in 5 youth is now considered obese. And because everyone has a stake in the health of our children, we are all responsible for making a change.

If you care about children’s health and know the importance of health education in our schools, we need you to do two things right now:

1. Watch This Video: “An Apple a Day Is Not Enough” is a powerful poem written and performed by Taylor Mali (a well-known spoken word artist and teacher) about the importance of health education.

2. Share This Video: Forward it, blog about it, like it on Facebook, Tweet it.

We must get the word out about the importance of health education and its ability to get this country’s health back on track—but we can’t do it alone. Please help us spread the message—our country depends on it.