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Friday, February 12, 2010

Professional Learning Network Presentations & Learning Goals

After hearing presentations about Professional Learning Networks, please respond to the questions below:

1.  What do you hope to learn or achieve in this course of study revision process?

2.  Post one or two long-term professional learning network goals.


Nighthawk said...
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Jen Kurtz said...

As we go through the course of study revision process, I hope to learn more about resources that are available to P.E. teachers and also achieve a more united and integrated P.E. plan for our district that integrates technology as well as utilizes technology as a tool for communication. Personally, one of my professional learning network goals is to become more of a contributor and less of a bystander/reader. I also would like to improve my current use of technology - the frequency, the availability to others, etc.

Schultz said...

What I would like to learn or achieve would first be to know what the students background is before coming to me. Before we started this I had no idea what the elementary and middle schools taught. I think it is important to know the background of the students. I also want to have an active role in improving the school wide physical education. I feel like we can really make a difference in the students if we can improve our program.

I have a couple long-term goals when it comes to professional learning newtorking. My first goal is to set up a professional learning network. I tried a couple months ago, but it did not go well. I would really like to start with twitter to find more information on fitness ideas. My second goal would be to be a contributor in a professional learning network. I feel there is a lot to be shared and learned.

Gretchen said...

During the course of study revisions I hope to utalize more technology such as the tweet deck and to connect globally to other PE teachers.

My hope is that all grade levels are able to form common fitness assessments and goals that are consistent with state and national goals.

Nighthawk said...

The main thing that I hope to achieve through the course of study revision is more respect for the physical education curriculum and the importance physical education provides each student.

One long term goal is to truly become "tech" oriented in physical education. The way technology is advancing in education, we must stay on the cutting edge to keep in "tune" with our students.

Stacey said...

As we move forward in this Curriculum Revision... I hope to STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX and find new and innovative games/activities for ALL my students! I wouls like to find and utilize new PE resources.

As for a personal learning network goal... I would like to create and set up a twitter account and utilize the tweet deck, or other various resources, in the technology world!

Mike said...

I hope to learn what we can do at the Elementary PE level to nurture/prepare our students to enjoy a Physical Education with appreciation and meaning at the Middle/High School level.

My long term goal is to investigate and implement moretech into my Physical Education planning and teaching.