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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Academic Content Standards Workshop - Feedback

Several of you attended the Physical Education Academic Content Standards Workshop.  The following comments were shared on your professional absence form:

"This was a great help in informing me on the new standards for physical education. The most important part was the inforamtion on how to go about using the new standards to write our curriculum so they align.  Right now some of the things we are doing align with the state standards but there is much more we need to implement.

The workshop also talked about how to assess the students to ensure they are meeting the indicators for each grade.  Dr. Mitchell really gave us good tools to use to review our current curriculum to see what we should keep and what we should add or discard. 

The assessment information was great because I feel this is an area in which physical education as a whole struggles due to the nature of our content.  Much of our assessment is observation.  Therefore it is hard to get data.  However, he gave us ideas we could use to obtain the data."

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