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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

November 3, 2010

The following notes reflect the ideas discussed at the October 5 K-12 PE COS Release Day:

1.  Waiver or No Waiver - HB
2.  Finalize pilot - Web-Based Fitnessgram 9
3.  Order resources that will help team move forward with Standards
     a.  Tactics
     b.  HS Equipment (e.g., watches, scale, straps)
     c.  Elementary Equipment
4.  Revisit Dance - Activities
5.  HOP Sports - Demo by HS
6.  Articulation Issues that impact power indicators (e.g., Pacer Test)
7.  Power Indicators - Phase I and II
8.  COS Template Desig
9.  Indicators that also show up in health


1.  Grading Practices informed by standards based learning and assessment

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