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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Follow-up Conversations for October 5

The K-12 PE Team agreed that we need to keep the following areas in mind when working through the course of study revision process:

1.  Focus on Quality vs. Quantity
2.  Using the team's expertise (e.g., Jen - Lacrosse, Erika - basketball). 
3.  Look at the big picture, then break it down from high school to elementary (backwards design)
4.  Check out areas that are lacking in the current curriculum (e.g., dance)
5.  Take a look at the current standards, benchmarks, indicators - identify power indicators.
6.  Give students a choice with activities (e.g., high school schedule example)
7.  Exposure to community life time activities (climbing wall, ropes courses, swimming)
8.  Day-to-Day classroom instruction should model student engagement so students are moving from start to
     finish with minimal downtime.
9.  Examine tactic approach at the October 5 mtg.
10. Continue to scaffold skills and activities
11. Bring in Dr. Mitchell from KSU to discuss assessment development linked to power indicators.
12. Explore web-based fitness gram tools for K-12 assessment tool
13. BMI - How will we do this? 
14. Parent Communication - How do we communicate student progress and assessment results?
15. Continue to find ways to work with principals and teachers that promote physical education as a school
      culture (e.g., OAA, OGT testing, reducing behavior problems through the use of quick PE activities at
      the start or end of the classroom).
16. Identify professional development needs (e.g., conference, course offering).

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