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Monday, March 1, 2010

Interesting Article

Here is a link to an interesting article on the Akron Beacon Journal Web Site.


Alicia Lopez said...

Enjoyed the article and the idea of a roll out seating option for kids! Would be interested in knowing its long-term impact on students.

Gretchen said...

There are a few schools in Ohio who use this method as a way to detour behavior problems. They also paint agility ladders on the hallway floors for the children. They have found (through university research)a significant drop in office visits, playground issues and a decrease in over-all school problems. There were several presentation at OAHPERD related to these methods a few years back.

Alicia Lopez said...

During this next revison process, it's critical we take a look at resources through the lens of the RTI pyramid. Future PE resource purchases can defintely make a difference with students experiencing behavior and academic challenges.

Gretchen - Thanks for connecting to the research.